In the early 1990s, the vision for C Quarter Circle Ranch was established and built by the Chown Family. The family, originally from California, had provided thousands of children and adults an inspiring experience at their first guest ranch and summer camp. Learning from Clarence Chown’s history as a set designer in Hollywood, and along with his creative eye, he gave C Quarter Circle Ranch the fun and unique “little western town” look and feel that you see today.

In 2008, Brian and Jennifer Manhart moved on to the ranch and in 2009 finalized the purchase of the property. The Manhart’s began their business as Lone Oak Ranch and Retreat in June of 2009. They immediately began focusing their energy on weddings, retreats, individual hotel room stays, and trail rides. After tremendous growth in these areas, and with a passion to serve guests in additional areas, they have since expanded their vision to serve their guests through summer camp which was started in summer 2013.

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