Classes Offered

  • Ranch Life– Yee-haw!  Take a time trail back to the ranch in 1875 and how people survived and lived.  Learn about Texas History and specifically the Goodnight-Loving Trail.
  • Limnology– The study of lemons right? No! Explore the details about fresh water and what lives within it through experiments.  You may get a little muddy digging in search of macro-invertebrates around the pond.
  • Forces in Nature– Research the various kinds of forces that are found all around us!  These include, but not limited to: gravity, erosion, ecological succession, decomposition, pressure, and friction.
  • Orienteering– Where have I been?  Where am I now?  Where am I headed?!?  Discover the parts of a compass and how it works!  Figure out how to get from one point in the forest to the next by plotting each step precisely, one wrong move and you may get lost!
  • Fishing– Get your catch of the day!  Fish in our catch-and-release ponds while practicing the safety of the pole and hook.  Learn the anatomy of a fish and the various kinds we have.  No fishing experience is necessary for our instructors teach the basic way of casting and removing from the hook.
  • Challenges– Bring the class groups together by overcoming obstacles and tasks that staff have in store for them.  Using team-building, levels of initiative, communication with all and various leadership skills, each student will discover the leader in themselves!
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