Night Events

Lone Oak offers a few different idea for night events that the schools have the option of choosing from before they arrive on property.  There is always a campfire on the second night unless there is a request for something else.


Clue:  We all know that people enjoy playing the board game clue, so we decided to make it into a life-size interactive game!  Students usually split up into their cabin groups and go around to 5 different characters trying to figure out the essential questions: who did it?  When?  Where?  With what?


Arena Night:  Students will enjoy a night out at the arena playing games geared towards the cowboy life.  Enjoy a meal made for cowboys!  Learn how to rope, line-dance, and play a little arena ball.  There may even be some s’mores to eaten by an open fire!

*Additional $5.00/student


Scavenger Hunt:  Go around property looking for different objects that are hidden and need to be coded to spell a certain phrase.  Students will go as groups trying to figure out locations based on clues given to them.


Nuke ‘Em & Games:  Play a various amount of games centered around the game of Nuke ‘Em.  Teams are on either side of the volleyball net trying to get people from the other team out!  Other games that are available are gaga, ladder golf, corn hole, etc.


Campfire:  The last night the students are here each cabin will prepare and perform a 2-3 minute skit that includes everybody in their cabin.  Lone Oak staff will lead the campfires and provide entertaining skits as well!!

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